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Atlantis Travel Services (ATS) was incorporated in 2014. Since then Atlantis Travel Services has established itself a name in the market by providing among the best service the industry has to offer. Atlantis Travel Services envisage itself to become a wholesaler for Holiday Packages in terms of Price, Quality and Services. Atlantis Travel Services is aggressively promoting its Outbound as well as its Inbound Tour Packages either from Europe to USA or from China to Australia we are here and we are always ready to serve you. Atlantis Travel set its footprints in the niche market Atlantis Travel Services aims to be become a total travel management company; providing a complete range of travel services from business trips, individual leisure tours, group trips to company incentives, serving both individual and corporate clients. The strengths of ATS lie within its core values, which stressed on the importance of high quality services based on three fundamental values; Honest, Responsible and Wisdom. With its wide range of supported air-lines, established international connections, and dedicated and well-trained staffs.